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Lauren Crooks splitting time this year between Belgium and USA

Lauren Crooks is expanding her reach to a more global horse scene and will be based part of the year out of Zandhoven, Belgium. In Europe, Lauren will be acquiring a group of sales horses, investing in future Grand Prix prospects, and competing throughout Europe. James Brennan and Ashly Adams will be running the team at home with the help of Jill Blunt so that our clients get the best training and management possible. This shift will allow CSJ and its clients to have opportunities that weren’t once available - whether it’s finding the next horse, being able to show in Europe, or making new connections that allow us to have future success. Take a look at our calendar to see what shows we will be attending this year as we have a great group of venues lined up! We are very excited for the opportunities this brings us and follow us on instagram @laurenecrooks and by looking for #crookssales!

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