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Meet Our Team

Having a great team is one of the most important parts to running a successful stable, as the majority of the work that is put into producing horses and riders is done outside of the competition arena. Crooks Show Jumping is extremely fortunate to have an experienced, reliable, and fun group of individuals on its staff in both Wellington, FL and Seattle, WA.

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Crooks Show Jumping:

Lauren Crooks

Rider & Trainer

Born in Bellevue, Washington, Lauren's love for riding horses started at the young age of two, when she started taking the reins on her own. She started showing at the age of seven and has been hooked ever since. 

Lauren attended Santa Clara University and got her degree in Finance with Magna Cumme Laude honors while riding under top professional John French. After graduation, Lauren moved east and continued her riding education under the guidance of Joe Fargis, Norman Dello Joio, and Jeffery Welles. Since then, Lauren's success in the tack and developing young horses has taken off. 

James Brennan

Rider & Trainer

James grew up riding on his family farm in Kilkenny, Ireland. He began competing internationally at a young age, riding on two junior Nations Cup teams. 

James rode and trained under notable Olympic riders including Marion Hughes and Ger O’Neill, before moving to the US to work for Darragh Kenny and Cian O’Connor. 

Now in Seattle and Wellington, James continues to compete up to the grand prix level, while producing top quality horses. 

Support Team
Sean Crooks
Partner & Founder
Ashly 2.jpeg
Ashly Adams
Manager & Assistant Trainer
Sara Al Jabsheh 
Gustavo Barraza
Farm Manager

Sean started riding at the young age of 6, mostly spending time on his pony chocolate chip, learning to rope sheep and goats. After high school, Sean moved east to train under Norman Dello Joio which helped launch his career into becoming the trainer and rider he is today. Currently based out of the Netherlands, Sean's accomplishments run long. He and Lauren continue to do numerous investments and sales together as well as training collaboration. 

Ashly is our manager and rider. Ashly is a native Washingtonian having grown up not far from Clearview. She grew up riding and competing. Her experience has developed her into being a great rider from young horses, hunters, jumpers and everything in between. 

Sara started her riding career in Jordan before moving to London to get her BA in Marketing. 

Sara rode at the Grand Prix level in California and then with Holger Hetzel before deciding to focus solely on horses while working for Crooks Show Jumping.

Gustavo has been grooming and working with horses for his entire career. He oversees a majority of the projects at Clearview, Inc. and has been working at our facility for a number of years!

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