Zone 9 Wins Gold at young riders, Sara Nordstrom, Jen Gates and chef, Sean Crooks
Who We Are

In business since 2010, Crooks Show Jumping (CSJ) is run by international show jumpers Lauren Crooks and James Brennan. We are driven by the love of this ever-evolving sport and the ability to take both riders and horses to new levels of excellence. Our combination of passion, dedication, and expertise allows us to compete with the best in the world. Over the years, we have developed deep connections in every facet of the showing business, building a respected network of industry pros. We pride ourselves on solid, long-term relationships and providing clients - whether investors, buyers, or riders - the very best experience and facilities to succeed in the sport of horses. 

Where We Come From

Crooks Show Jumping was originally formed by brother and sister team, Sean and Lauren Crooks who grew up learning from some of the best horsemen in Washington, including their parents and grandparents. After high school, Lauren went off to train with John French during her college years and afterwards moved to the east coast and trained under Joe Fargis, Norman Dello Joio, and Jeffery Welles. Sean moved directly to the east coast after high school and trained with Norman Dello Joio for many years where he learned all the ins and outs of the show business. 

Our Farm at Clearview

CSJ’s show-jumping facility is based on a beautiful 50-acre former thoroughbred farm overlooking the Cascade Mountains, only 18 miles from downtown Bellevue, and offers a 72' x 180' indoor arena and a state-of-the-art, all-weather 240' x 225' outdoor arena that never accumulates water. The facility has trails, hills, numerous grass turnout fields and paddocks, a Kraft 6 covered hot walker, and a treadmill. Even with their busy show schedule, Lauren and Sean oversee the facility weekly. Watch the video below to see all we have to offer at our stable!

The Sport of Show Jumping

Show jumping is an Olympic sport that is unique because it involves the relationship between a human and an animal and is the only Olympic sport in which women and men compete against one another. 


To be successful, the horse must be brave, careful, athletic, fast, and talented. In addition, the rider must be fit, ambitious, and instinctive and have access to strong management and an appropriate selection of horses. Combining all these specific traits of horse and rider is what makes the sport so thrilling and challenging.


CSJ’s training relationship with the horse begins in the horse’s fourth year and develops in relation to its maturity and ability. Lauren and James, along with their assistant flat riders, use their riding skills to manage and produce the careers of their horses—the most important part of developing a competitive show horse. Our international federation is the Fédération Equestre Internationale or FEI; the US federation is the United Stated Equestrian Federation or USEF.